Fate/Zero Ep 1-13

A month ago, after some subliminal messages encouragement by a fan of the Type-Moon series, I wrote Fate/Zero down on my huge “To-Watch List”. A few days later, in my Spring ’12 post, I apparently promised to marathon the entire first half of the Fate/Stay Night prequel too.

Now, thanks to the planets aligning, I’ve somehow managed to avoid procrastinating and watch through Fate/Zero’s first half.

So, how did the complex lore of the Type-Moon universe treat a newbie like me? Read on to find out.

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Fandom and Why You Should Participate

A visual metaphor for a fandom...I think.

[I’m writing this as an aniblogger, so I’ll tend to lean towards this fandom segment. I apologize for not focusing on the rest, I’ve only experience with this segment. On the flip side, I think this post can be seen in the context of non-anime related hobbies. Well, I hope you learn something from this as I did. =)]

The anime’s story was fast-paced yet well written, the animation was fluid and free from noticeable flaws, the soundtrack trumpeted glories and grieved for tragedies. All your favourite seiyuu were in it along with a visionary production team lovingly crafting the story.

Now, imagine having to bottle in all your emotions and thoughts about this godly series. Imagine not being able to share them with anyone-ever.

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Winter Season Anime ’12

[Honestly, I planned to start off with something ‘culture-ish’ like the Japanese New Year. Look where that got me. XD So, after much self-debate and alligator-wrestling, I decided to give my thoughts on the latest incarnations of what got me more interested in Japan-anime. Hope you enjoy it!]

As most of those freezing their butts off in temperate climates know, it’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere and also in Japan, which means the anime winter season is in full swing as well. There’s a broad variety of new shows for the coming 3 months and in this post I’ll be introducing those that have caught my attention long enough for me to give them a try. I’ll also be giving some of my opinions on these anime.

First on the firing range is-

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