Kino no Tabi (Episode 1-4)

After an indirect recommendation by Overcooled from the always-readable Metanorn blog, I started watching Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World. The simple title literally means:




Buffering ready, I hit the start button to begin the 13 episode grind. The premise was simple, a traveller and his talking motorcycle travel to often strange lands with even stranger customs. They stay for two days only before leaving for other lands. I dropped it temporarily after the 3rd episode and I only picked it up again this week.

And boy, am I glad I did.

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Katawa Shoujo-A Tale of Love and Handicaps

From l-r: Lily, Hanako, RIn, Emi, Misha and Shizune.

Katawa Shoujo, or roughly put-‘Disability Girls’, has been on my mind and my daily to-do list for some time now. I’ve clocked in 16 hours on a single route in this wonderful (and free) visual novel. Before I give my comments on the game itself, here’s a rough description of Katawa Shoujo.

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