About YakiSushi

Hello there, my name is Yippy and I’m the writer of ‘YakiSushi’. Here, I’ll try and answer some nagging questions you might have. If you’ve any other questions, please feel free to ask down in the comments.

Why create this blog?

To share my love of all things Japanese, specifically Japanese pop culture. I want to connect and share my thoughts with fellow Japanophiles and animanga fans as well. Besides pop culture though, I aim to shed some light from time to time on some more mainstream or  little-known topics involving Japan. If you want to know how I got into Japan, why not take a look at this brief history?.

Who’s Yippy?

The name’s Yippy, nice to meet you, or rather-hajimemashite!  (^_^) I’m a youth currently living in balmy Malaysia. Ever since I laid my eyes on a *ahem* less than legal online copy of Bleach, I’ve gone on to devote most of my free time to learning more about Japan. I tend to lean towards Japanese pop culture, but I won’t shy away from other Japan-related issues if they pique my  interest.

Start talking about anime though, and you’ll get a torrent of squealing along with a fair amount of complaints. I absolutely adore the medium for its variety, boldness and general entertainment value. Genres? You can find me dabbling in almost every type, so long as it’s interesting. Mystery, sci-fi, comedy and the oft-derided slice-of-life…you name it. I’m a bit uncomfortable with watching ecchi or hentai in principle, but if there’s a good story behind it (along with a amply hidden screen), I tend to give it a chance. I’m always looking out for brilliant anime OSTs as well, so drop a line if you have one in mind.

What does YakiSushi mean? 

Well, translated literally from Japanese Kanji, it means ‘Fried Sushi’. It’s not an actual word, I think, since I couldn’t find it in a dictionary.

焼(yaki) + 寿司(sushi) = 焼寿司 (YakiSushi)

Why the weird and appetizing name? Well, for one, sushi is the most famous and iconic of all Japanese food.  Here in Malaysia, we tend to chuck whatever looks good into the frying pan and taste it later to see whether it’s  good or not. I wanted a  blog name that was related to Japan and that highlighted the fact that Malaysia will always hold a special place in my heart.

I tried “Sushi Goreng”-“goreng” being the Malay word for “fried”-but somehow, it sounded odd. Not to mention that “goreng” isn’t something many fellow Japanophiles might know.  That’s when I thought of putting it in Japanese and-voila, you get ‘YakiSushi’.

I want to be a guest writer/writer or recommend something I think you should cover, how could I do that?

You can give a holler through my:

  • E-mail (starfanDOTcomAThotmailDOTcom)
  • Twitter account

Thanks in advance!


One thought on “About YakiSushi

  1. Yo yipster! YAKISUSHI wa oishi desu ne! Sashiburedana~

    And I can’t be proud enough to believe that it was BLEACH that started in you realising your true otaku self, and as well as me who introduced you into this world.

    Hope this blog will achieve high standards in the jet stream of success.


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