Persona 4-25 (END)-Never More

Adachi...did you take your pills this morning? Adachi? What're you doing with that-

We return to the final fight as Yuu gets himself thoroughly overpowered by Adachi. The rest of the team aren’t doing so well against the Reaper either.

Adachi then goes into a long rant to justify his actions, suggesting that the team’s efforts are in vain because no one wants to know the truth. But, the team flat-out rejects his excuses and instead, argue back that nothing will change the fact that he killed and lied just because he is afraid of facing reality and is just throwing a tantrum.

He loses it by this point and the fighting spirit returns to the team. They capitalize on Adachi’s moment of weakness and slay both Magatsu Izanagi and the Reaper with ease.

"Why hello there, good lookin'."

It's hard to take the truth seriously when someone talks with their bum facing you.

Just when Adachi loses hope and is about to take his life, Shadows possess him and he gets a Shadow voice.

Out of nowhere, a moon-sized DSLR camera appears, consumes Adachi and then explains a ton of stuff about the Midnight Channel, the TV World, the Shadows and Personas. Yuu recognises the voice as the voice of Teddy’s shadow back in Ep 10 and links them both together.

In short, Ameno-Sagiri (Japanese god of fog) tried to fulfill humanity’s desires by melding the two worlds together since he assumes humanity can’t tell between reality and fiction. In order to excite people and further his goal, he created the Shadows and gave the team powers too. Personas were an unintended side-effect, however.

After that, it proceeds to “test” humanity’s new Persona potential by pounding the team with a few nuclear explosions here and there. DSLR-kun wins and then proceeds to transform Yuu slowly into a Shadow.

Hear that? That's the sound of shippers' hearts breaking. (Well, except for YuuXRise shippers...)

Can't forget the bros!

FRIENDSHIP-that thing that always comes into play at these moments-appears. Yosuke upgrades his Persona into Susano-o and saves Yuu in a bromantic scene. The rest of the team is inspired by the bromance and starts upgrading their Personas as well. 

Yuu fuses the Tarot cards he’s gained from his friendships and summons Lucifer. In a dramatic showdown (more like one-sided beatdown), he obliterates the talking disco ball and saves the world. As he fades, DSLR-kun warns that if humanity desires illusions again-he’ll be back-and fades away.

Hear that? Those are the squeals of doujin artists and fangirls everywhere...

Adachi reappears and still wants to die, but Yuu and the team toss revenge aside and tell him to face the punishment for his crimes in the real world, to which he agrees.

A few days later, Yuu’s final day in Inaba arrives and the team along with the Dojimas bid him a beary teary farewell. Teddy plans to return to the TV World to protect it while Nanako tearfully says she’ll marry Yuu someday, with Dojima actually agreeing (jk?) on the condition she’s of age (He could be serious, it’s surprisingly legal to marry your cousin in Japan, though it’s becoming rare).

Even at the end, the derpiness still wants to say goodbye...

After the credits roll, Igor grants Yuu a crystal formed by his bonds. It eliminates illusions and lies while showing the truth. This is actually an important scene you’ll have to go through while en route to the True Ending in the game. Wait, what?


As most Persona 4 game players will doubtless say after watching this-“Y U NO TRUE ENDING!?”. Yes, Adachi-baby and DSLR-kun are not the true culprits-there’s still a mastermind lurking in the shadows. Apparently, the true ending (“No One is Alone”) is being released on the 22nd of August  as a Blu-ray/DVD release (*cough*my birthday*cough*). Well, time to bring out that wallet of mine…

Anyway, here’s a summary of what I thought of the ‘fake’ finale:

Art: It was kept at a minimum, but the derpiness was still visible in some shots-epescially the still ones. However, the varied use of colours for different backgrounds gave this episode a dynamic and ever-changing feel. They suited the mood during each phase of the final battle as well. The scene where the sky opens during Ameno’s defeat was breathtaking as well.

Animation: Very smooth, with movements that conveyed the characters’ feelings well. Disco-kun’s demise along with Lucifer’s fusion scene was a pleasure to watch thanks to the flashy treatment they gave them.

Music: Top-notch. They put the right tunes where they should’ve been. Although, I’m getting tired and even bored of some of the more familiar music though (like this one). I probably spammed them too much recently XD. The final showdown had a song with a passion-inflaming chorus which really amplified the emotion in the scene, making it joyous and sad at the same time. Gotta look out for this and the rest of the new tunes present in the episode in the OST.

Story: Look back to the first paragraph… Other than that, they did a decent job squeezing in all the important bits into a half-hour episode. The TV World, Shadows, Personas and others-AIC tied them up into one rather unsatisfying but still acceptable package. I wished they showed Adachi getting arrested or something to finish it all up, but he’ll be back in August-he plays a significant role in finding the true culprit. Also, I think there were a few bits in the dialogue they left out, but it’s nothing game-changing.

Overall: A decent ending, but it could’ve been improved upon art-wise.

*Phew* That ends my review of Persona 4’s last(?) hurrah. It’ll be back by August though, so don’t throw out your plasma TV and glasses just yet. Oh, if you’re longing for more Persona, try reading up Verdant’s take on the finale to the Investigation Team’s TV troubles. He analyzes (and even rebuts) Adachi’s motives and explanations one by one while giving us an interesting review of the episode.

Until next time, PERSONA!


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