Persona 4-24 Was It the Butler?

Even in sadness, there are still puns.

[Events are coming to a head as the Inaba Investigation Team close in on the elusive killer. Man, have I been waiting to see how they animate this since the game cutscene didn’t really do this dramatic part justice. Well, read on!]

The Velvet room appears once again, this tims, with a special guest-Kuma! He’s depressed because he’s actually a Shadow *gasp* and wants Yuu to apologize to Nanako for his helplessness. Yuu reveals that Nanako is alive, causing Kuma to cry bearly manly tears.

Moving on, after a nail-biting (not so for those who played the game) 23 episodes, the true culprit of the Inaba murders is finally about to be revealed…

But not before a bit of bromance between Yosuke and Yuu first, it seems! Yosuke drags Yuu to the riverside and confesses that he feels jealous of Yu and his awesomeness. To get rid of these feelings and to make himself an equal to Yuu, he proposes to Yuu that he punch him. Yuu does, and yet Yosuke’s still not satisfied and suggests that they both punch each other to make it truly equal. Logic? I don’t see it here…but hey, it’s bromance, it doesn’t need logic!

Bonus Bromance Content Included with Episode!

Anyway, we switch to Naoto as she recaps what they’ve learned so far about the killer. After the team joins the dots (mostly Naoto),  they find a suspect-Adachi. The gang heads to the hospital (of course, search for a police detective at a hospital) to confront him.

Adachi keeps fudging but loses his cool and drops the bombshell statement: “Namatame’s the one who threw them in (the TV)!”. None of the team has ever mentioned anything about the TV world to him in a serious context before,  so his defence, ironically, becomes the last nail in his coffin. He then gets apprehended by the quick-witted teenagers  away into the TV world via a conveniently placed TV.

Kuma later rejoins the team as they struggle to find Adachi in the TV world. Getting serious, Kuma locates Adachi and the team corners him at the beginning of it all-Yamano (the announcer’s) twisted room. The apparently illusionary Adachi taunts them and says that the TV world and the real world will soon fuse, turning all humans into Shadows in the process.

The team gives chase as Adachi enters a portal to a ruined version of Inaba, where he seems to have formidable control over. Suddenly, the Reaper (an optional and merciless boss in P4) appears and assaults the team! As more and more of the team stay behind to divert the Reaper’s attention, Yuu and the remaining members forge on. Adachi then reveals that he was headed for a distinguished career at the city, only to be sent to Inaba later on. Depressed, he discovered the TV world entirely by coincidence while being a potato couch.

Adachi was apparently infuriated that Yamano did not fit his expectations of her by having an affair with Namatame. He then throws her into the TV world through a TV in the Amagi inn. Konishi, on the other hand, was thrown in because she refused Adachi’s advances and threats. Adachi also answered Namatame’s initial plea to the police and tricked the latter into ‘saving’ people. Kubo, the copycat killer, was also thrown into the TV by Adachi, to keep the ‘game’ going. Apparently, Adachi did all this just because he could and that it was fun. 

The many (evil) faces of Tohru Adachi.

Finally, Yuu is left alone to confront the real Adachi, who tries to shift the blame onto society (including Yuu and company) since the TV world is a manifestation of people’s inner thoughts. Yuu responds in the only way he knows how-straightforward and badass. Adachi gives up on changing Yuu’s mind and starts the ‘final’ battle with Yuu.


Where in the world did the bromance between Yuu and Yosuke come from? That really took me by surprise since I thought that they were going to move on to Adachi and animate half of his fight with Yuu. I’m not disappointed though, since they didn’t botch it up too much like in Naoto’s scene before and made it look like a scene from out of a yaoi manga. The bromance was also heartwarming to watch too since Yuu rarely shows some love to his fellow bros. I can already hear the fujoshis typing on their keyboards already…I was laughing quite a bit too when Yuu just went and headbutted Yosuke without warning. That Yuu sure knows how to surprise you (pun not intended?).

Adachi’s ‘flashbacks’ had a very neat concept too. Instead of taking the beaten path by just animating the past, the production team went further and re-enacted the scenes right in front of the team while they were chasing Adachi in the TV world. They were literally ‘watching’ Adachi’s deeds right in front of their eyes. Quite sinister actually, since the team could do nothing but just watch him murder and deceive. I also liked how Yuu just replies in 3 sentences to Adachi, instead of belting out the usual dramatic and heroic retort/speech. It made that scene stand out all the more and made Yuu even more badass.

One thing though, WHY OF ALL TIMES does the derpy animation have to show itself now?  Some faces looked way different from the original design and I almost didn’t recognize some of the cast when they tilted their faces at an angle. It wasn’t that noticeable before, but it’s for all to see now.  Please…don’t mess up the final final final fight…(yes, they’re a ton of ‘final fights-two and counting-if you haven’t noticed).

In Derpland, of course!

There was one glaring leap of logic too-Yuu and Yosuke’s faces. Why weren’t they injured just after they punched each other in the face? They looked pretty beat up just before they confronted Adachi too…

Bromance! Comes with Diarahan/Insta-Heal!

Anyway, mysteriously healing faces aside, here’s a little more info about Adachi’s Persona-Magatsu Izanagi. Izanagi, of course, is the mythical forefather of the Japanese gods and the nation itself. What does ‘magatsu’ mean, however?

According to Denshi Jisho, magatsu forms part of the phrase 禍津日神 (magatsu-ino-kami) or ‘evil gods who cause sin’. Magatsu itself is also divided into 禍 (maga=wickedness, evil) and 津(tsu=harbour/ferry). The second word sounds inappropriate, but when you consider that 津 is part of the infamous phenomena 津波 (tsunami=tidal wave/harbour wave), it all falls into place-Magatsu Izanagi is a ‘flood of evil’. Interesting, huh?

Well, that’s all I have to say about this climatic episode. What did you think of Adachi? Is he a murderous genius? Or just a deluded couch potato madman? Share your thoughts below!

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2 thoughts on “Persona 4-24 Was It the Butler?

  1. LoL. I deliberately skipped the entire post, I don’t want to spoil Persona 4 too soon 😛 Planning to read the manga first!

    Btw, it’s kinda confusing with the episode number for the title, hahaha. Maybe you could add the prefix ” Ep.” to prevent any future confusions?

    *Just some thoughts*

  2. Aww…I think you’re going to be in for a long wait…

    Well, different strokes for different folks, I guess. You can try the game (PS2 ftw!) too, it’s definitely worth the time and investment. I can lend it to you someday if you’re interested.

    Maybe… but it would look kinda jarring though. I think it’s confusing now because of the 4 at the back of the anime title, usually it wouldn’t be a problem. Thanks anyway for the suggestion! =)

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