Another Ep 11-Gore, gore and more gore


[The first episode review by Yakisushi is here! Actually, this was done in the spur of the moment because this episode really shocked and impressed me. I also needed to clear some doubts and also make sense of the events that happened. Enough chatter though, read on!]

We return to an idyllic evening at the Sakitani Memorial Hall/Inn, where Teshigawara has just barged into Mei’s room, exclaming that he might have made a mistake in pushing his best friend off the balcony. Who’s the lucky guy?

Kazami, of course. Don’t know him? That’s fine, he be the moody-looking blue-haired guy with glasses.

Apparently, Teshi confronted and accused Kazami of being the troublesome extra student, inciting an angry response. After a brief struggle, he apparently falls to his death from a two-storey high balcony. As the Mystery Gang trio head down to confirm his death, Sabara is grabbed by a zombie hand!!

No, my mistake, not a zombie, but another poor fellow by the name of Maejima. Managing a few words, he mentions the dining hall. Sabara takes a look and, lo and behold, there’s a barbeque going on, with the corpse of the male manager stuck full of knives to boot!

Death toll mounting, we find that Kazami has disappeared. Izumi joins the party and hears screams from her’s and Takako’s room. Finding an empty but bloodied room, they go off and bump into Mochizuki, who confirms that Kazami is alive and pissed. The tape recorder also goes missing.

"Naw, it's ketchup!"

Mochi and Teshi split from the group and find Mikami-sensei’s room bloodied and also a surprise guest-a crazed and dagger-wielding female innkeeper. They then spend the rest of the episode trying to evade her. With the pacing speeding up, we switch to Sabara, Mei and Izumi, who encounter a not-dead but bloodied Takako. Takako then quickly attempts to kill Mei-who she assumes is the extra student.

Apparently, Izumi found out from Ogura (brother killed thanks to excavator) about the tape and listened to it with Takako and Mochi. Takako is stopped by friendship Sakaki but not before he takes a kick to the nuts. Ouch!

But the shit finally hits the fan when Takako runs off to broadcast the tape to the entire inn, accusing Mei of being the extra one (Izumi mistook Mei’s cousin as Mei herself in elementary school thanks to Mei’s cousin having two real eyes; Mei lost her left one before she entered school. Izumi previously mentions this to Takako). A couple of students emerge from their room and start gunning for her. One accidentaly kills Mikami-sensei who defends Mei.

Sakaki, now understanding the need to be manly, tries to escape with Mei. Ogura falls to her death in an attempt to chase them. Two students decide to check out whether the dining hall is really burning. One of them gets barbecued by wisely standing in front of the door and opening it, leading to an explosion.

"It's okay, I'm just doing some aerobics before I get back to murdering my classmate!"

Sakaki and Mei make it to a side entrance only to be ambushed by Takako. After a brief attempt at Mei’s life, Takako entangles and strangles herself on some wires. Izumi stumbles in and finds Mei holding Takako’s blade and mistakes her for Takako’s killer. Misaki then mentions:’ if the extra student is gone, the deaths will stop, right?’. She runs off without another word.

More horrifying than any dead student-a homicidal live student.


Man, that was one hell of a way to set up an ending. With such good pacing, frightening surprises and tension, this is definitely the best episode so far in this series.  The crowd and survival mentalities were also plain for all to see as well, which makes it even more creepy. The phrase ‘send the dead back to death’ also took on a sinister meaning as well, since nobody now is using logic and caution anymore. They’re just aiming for Mei to save their own skins.

Such a pity about the class trip though, they haven’t even made it to the shrine yet and now the class is losing people left and right. Anyway, now for some unanswered questions and my guesses on them:

1.Where is Kazami? And is he the dead one?

I’ve no idea, he’s either trying to find and kill the extra student or he’s trying to lay low to avoid Sakaki and the gang. His actions and demeanor both after being questioned by Teshi and falling down the balcony are suspicious though…

2. Who took the radio?

Probably Takako herself. If not, then Kazami, but that seems highly unlikely since Takako used the radio in her broadcast.

3. What is Mei planning to do?

She seems determined to end the calamity in her monologue at the end. This could go two ways-either she’s the dead one and she’s going to end her life, or she’s going to kill the extra student.

4. Who is the dead one?

Kazami looks like the prime suspect thanks to his behaviour, but I wouldn’t place my bets just yet. Knowing Another, they could pull another fast one on us. Izumi looks like a long shot, but with her first meeting with Sakaki unexplained, it could be her. Following that train of thought, it could even be Sakaki himself, since he doesn’t even remember meeting her while she does. Mei’s corpse-vision blows that out of the sky, but she could be lying…

5. Why is the innkeeper suddenly deranged and killing people?

Beats me. Perhaps she found out about the tape recording as well, but why would she go on a killing spree? She doesn’t have any known links to the class and wouldn’t be affected by the calamity. She obviously has murderous intent, but she seems off her rocker somehow. For one, she doesn’t even say anything during the entire episode and her eyes are looking less than sane. There must be another motive…we’ll have to wait until the end, I guess.

6. Who did Teshigawara leave Maejima with? And what happened to both that guy and  Maejima?

No idea, but it could be the extra student. It’s not a major plot point now, but I’ve a feeling that it’ll be significant. Call it a hunch or my sixth sense, but usually, it’s these simple things that are likely to surprise you later.

7. Whose bloodstains are whose? And most important of all, who killed who?

Let’s give a rundown on the confirmed dead for this episode:

Maejima– presumably dead, but unconfirmed. Possibly stabbed by innkeeper for being nosy since Takako’s main target is Mei.

Male Innkeeper– stabbed dead, main suspect is other innkeeper. Motive unknown.

Mikami-sensei– Killed by own student while protecting Mei.

Ogura– Fell to her death while chasing Mei.

Long-haired dude– Burned to death by fire in dining room.

Takako– Strangled herself.

For now, the only people who are known to have killed are Takako and the female innkeeper since their clothes are bloody. A female’s scream-probably Takako’s-is heard as well, so she must have been attacked. This possibly explains the blood in her room and the bandage on her left arm. Perhaps the culprit is the innkeeper? Takako might have even gone off the deep end due to this incident.

Another theory could be that the male innkeeper was killed there, but a screenshot from the previous episode shows the female innkeeper standing in the middle of the dining hall, blocking the area where the male innkeeper’s body was found in the next episode…

Screenshot from Episode 10

There’s a ton of things we don’t know yet, but hopefully P.A. Works will manage to give an appropriate send-off to a strong contender for ‘Mystery/Thriller/Horror Anime of the Year’.

The Last Moments of Mei Misaki?

[Any theories on the questions above? Shoot an answer down at the comments below!]


5 thoughts on “Another Ep 11-Gore, gore and more gore

  1. I’m actually quite confused with everything… maybe since there’s a lot of characters involved @_@ but seeing the anime in the flesh would give a better visual to the whole story. Even if I’ve read this whole post, I don’t think it spoiled the anime for me. Hahaha. What’s unusual is that, is something is gory even acceptable in Japan? I mean, sure there are tonnes of wacky things… but this seems… too dark. I find this quite hard to swallow, since I can’t visually associate Anime characters (with typical cute expressions) with gore >_>

    Maybe I should’ve expected something like this in the first place?

    Over and outto!

    Post script- do keep in mind about the category section, maybe you haven’t noticed about removing the *uncategorized* selection. Keep up the good work!

  2. I thought not spoiling anything was a good thing? XD Anyway, you’re sorta right, but I wrote this post to gather my thoughts on the episode and invite discussion from people who’ve watched it. On another point, I think I should’ve warned about spoilers though…

    In Japan, nothing is sacred when it comes to entertainment. It’s true, just take a look at their game shows for a non-anime related example. Moving on, I think that animation (especially anime) need not be restricted to a few genres. To me, variety is one of the strong points of anime. Whether I want to laugh at the silly antics of high school boys or dwell on the mystery behind the deaths in Another, anime is there for me.

    A question for you though, isn’t Bleach kinda graphic in terms of violence, language and action as well? No harm meant, I’d just like to hear your thoughts.

    Hm…good point there…I’ll remember that next time! Thanks!

  3. True… Japan has many things that aren’t normal. Bleach may have a bit gore in it, but it doesn’t instill any psychological fear to the audience. It’s kinda accepted and cutting off a hand doesn’t even bother even a child now hahaha, But in animes like this one, the sound effects, the darkness, the uncertainty says otherwise, in my opinion.


    • Isn’t that the point of a horror anime? To scare? XD You’re right though, Bleach has violence, but the context in which it exists is different than Another.

      Another is a bit different than most horror shows though, there’s no boogeyman or monster that’s hunting down people, it’s a faceless curse. I’d call it a thriller rather than a horror anime.

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