Persona 4-24 Was It the Butler?

Even in sadness, there are still puns.

[Events are coming to a head as the Inaba Investigation Team close in on the elusive killer. Man, have I been waiting to see how they animate this since the game cutscene didn’t really do this dramatic part justice. Well, read on!]

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The 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake-A Year On

Rising Sun

158,50 deaths, 6,011 injured and 3,287 people missing.

And that’s just the human cost of the Great Tohoku Earthquake.

Eighteen prefectures, 24 to 25 million tons of debris and an estimated reconstruction bill totaling 25 billion USD later, combined with a near-meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant-this seems like the most perfect disaster Mother Nature has ever planned.

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A Brief History of a Passion

A New Beginning

[A really, really condensed version of how I got obsessed over Japan. (Really!) I just felt the need to explain clearly this part of my life one day (even to myself). This was meant to be a separate page, but maybe I’ll link this post to me ‘About’ page…Anyway, enjoy!]

It all started in the year 2009, the year a friend recommended a Japanese comic and wrote down for me a link to a website that hosted scanlations of it. Back then, I was not particularly interested in anything and didn’t think much of this recommendation. If you wanted to describe my interests,  ‘random’ would be the word. Linkin Park, history and literature in general…I’d say that’s pretty mixed.

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Love Amid Silence (Shizune’s Route-Last Impressions)

Moonlight Maiden

Spoilers ahoy! If you are interested in playing Katawa Shoujo, DO NOT READ this post, it might ruin your experience or colour your perceptions of it, if not a particular route.

As I clicked through the final scenes in Shizune Hakamichi’s route, a thought kept nagging at my head.

‘So much potential, but such mediocre results.’

That pretty much sums up what I’ve to say about this route, the route I had put so much expectation on, the route which had left me hungry for more all the time but ultimately let me down. It seems unfair and harsh, but here’s why I thought so.

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